Hispanic Assistance Fund
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Box 34555
Greenville, SC 29614

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Since we have entered this new millennium, we are being exposed to challenges which we never thought possible. In II Timothy, the apostle Paul advised us of these "perilous times" in which we are living. It is true that this new era is full of needs and dangers; however, it is also full of great opportunities. We must prepare a new generation to live and serve in these times. Our world needs leadership—leadership that will take a stand for the Lord, for righteousness, morality and truth. The Hispanic community is not an exception.

It is with this vision in mind that the Hispanic Assistance Fund was created. It is the Board's belief that if we, as believers in Christ, are going to make a difference, we must help prepare the future's leaders—men and women who will value truth and honor Christ. We must help future Hispanic leaders prepare for service in all occupations and walks of life.

We also believe that Bob Jones University has devoted its energy and resources to prepare such leaders. That is why the funds from the Hispanic Assistance Fund go directly to needy Hispanic students who desire to pursue an education at Bob Jones University. It is a combination of what people are taught and what they believe that determines who they are and what they will do with their life. Bob Jones University is an excellent training ground with solid teaching.

We trust that as you browse these pages you will have a greater understanding of this fund and will be moved to participate. You can always do something—prepare to serve, help those who are preparing, or pray for the ones who are serving. May the Lord bless as you consider the Hispanic Assistance Fund.

In His service,

Dr. Alberto Lopez
Mr. William Jana
Rev. Daniel Vasquez